Hillside Foundation Contractors

As building contractors in West Los Angeles, Elias Construction has a long history of putting in place the most difficult hillside foundations in our coastal mountains. Louie has never met a hillside too challenging to put a home on. Whether it is grading down a hilltop, cutting into and retaining an 80 foot up slope or building up from an extreme down slope, we can do the job and make it look easy. Check out the photos of some of our past projects.

Los Feliz Hillside Project

This 6000 square foot custom home was built after grading down and retaining a hilltop in the Los Feliz……

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Buckskin Lane Hillside Project

This Rolling Hills Estates house was supported by temporary posts and beams while we excavated out a 1600 square foot……

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Silver Lake Hillside Project

The Silver Lake Project was a three story triplex built into the hillside on top of a series of retaining……

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Avenue 44 Hillside Project

The Avenue 44 Project required 40’ deep piles connected with grade beams to construct a foundation on this 70’ down……

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Hillock Drive Project

The foundation and retaining wall system to support the new Hollywood Hills home and the hillside behind it required carving……

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